The Uses Of Nail Brads In Daily Life And Their Different Styles

Nail brads are a smaller version of a nail that is called finish nailer and is used for attaching moldings and are used extensively in projects that involve woodworking. The high advantage of bard nails is that they do not split the trim piece when compared with other types of nails.

Attaching thin strips and delicate trim is a complicated process, and brad nails help in making it an easier process.

Brad nail

The i8 gauge wire nail brads are considered as thinner to common 16, and 15 gauge nails that are used and the nails have a thin head, and that helps in only leaving a small hole once the nail is sunk below the surface of the stock. The other advantage is that there would be only less wood that needs to be filed and there are instances when wood filling need not be filled at all.

The typical length range is that 5/8 inch up to 1-1/2 inch long and their narrow diameter would make these nails difficult to hold like the wood screws making it slightly in a disadvantage position.

Brad nail styles

Brad nailers are also called as pneumatic. The term means that to power the tool an air compressor is needed, and there are cordless brad nails that have become a rage these days. The era of straight clip variety has ended, and angled nail brads have started coming to the market.

Brad nail advantages

  • Safety is the high advantage of brad nails. The reason is that these nails are smaller. The chances of getting injured are very minimal. Safety glass wearing and other precautions taken would make it extra safety.
  • Less noise being made due to less use of compressor gas.

Uses of Brad nails

  • The brad nails are typically used in trim woodworking and finished carpentry industry. Door, casings and moldings are some of the areas in which Brad nails are used extensively.
  • The nails are used in industries that require decorative trim, window beading, furniture molding, cabinet building and other things.
  • There are many varieties of head available with brad nails making it convenient to use in variety situations.
  • There are many corrosion resistant varieties available with Brad nail types, and it is used widely in interior designing.
  • Tropical, sea side weather proof and rust resistant Brad nails are available in the market making it a firm choice for construction and wood works.
  • Brad nails are an advantage in holding woods together. This can be used to hold more than one wood together and can be removed safely after the glue dries out.
  • Corner spot safety use is the best advantage that Brad nails have, and they are also used to secure wood corner also. The blunt ends of brad nails make it a sure choice for not destroying wood corners.
  • Soft woods hold an advantage with brad nails as trim can get damaged when other nails are used.

Make sure you are aware of all the various types that exist in the market before putting it to any specific use.