Gift Credit cards: The Pros and cons

Everyone enjoys receiving as well as giving present cards with regard to special events. They slow up the stress associated with worrying when the recipient will require to those denim jeans or shirt you purchased them. They get rid of the fake smile and also the “I may always make use of a new set of jeans” routine in the person obtaining the gift. Nevertheless, beware from the risks as well as hidden cost while using the your present card.

Customer Advantages

Each year, gift credit cards are growing in recognition. Generally, you will find three various cards: store-specific present cards, cafe gift credit cards and general-purpose present cards. Store-specific present cards are designed to be used in the particular shop and usually include less concealed fees. Some shops like Aged Navy as well as Banana Republic possess became partners and permit their customers to make use of the present card from either shop. Restaurant present cards are much like store-specific present cards. They permit you to go and revel in a good dinner like a gift. Just be sure you tip the actual server exactly the same percentage while you would should you were paying the entire bill. General-purpose present cards provide the consumer the broader variety on where you can use the actual card. These kinds of cards are usually Visa, MasterCard or even American Convey and may be used anywhere individuals major charge cards are recognized. The versatility is the advantage of using the actual general-purpose greeting card. You can fill your vehicle’s gas tank, go out to consume, buy live concert tickets or no matter what else for you to do with this.

Consumer Drawbacks

Many common purpose credit cards come packed with fees. Based on the Lowdown upon Gift Credit cards article upon, some gift-card programs will issue you another card if your card expires. These replacement cards will cost you from $5.95 to $10. If you order the card online or by phone you will be charged a $4.95 to $8.95 shipping and handling fee and a $3.95 to $11.95 service fee. Some gift cards will charge you a monthly maintenance fee if you still have a balance on your card after six months or a year. If you still have a balance after this period of time, a $2 to $3 monthly fee kicks in.

In case your gift greeting card is dropped or taken, good good fortune! Some retailers won’t replace the missing present card. Other retailers for example Macy’s as well as Bloomingdales tend to be more easygoing and can issue a new card if you’re able to provide the receipt displaying your newest purchase. Some general-purpose credit cards will cancel the actual missing card and can re-issue a brand new one for any $5. ninety five to $10 charge.

So be sure you keep your own card inside a safe location, use this before this expires and purchase it directly in the merchandiser and you’ll avoid many of these fees.


According towards the Retailers Simply Love All of them article upon CBC Information Online, the product sales of present cards possess exploded through $1 million in 1995 for an expected $70 million in 2006 in the usa. As associated with 2004, 68 percent of major merchants offer some kind of a present card. The number is most likely even higher now that it’s 2006. Espresso giant, Starbucks, has believed that 10 % of almost all their sales originate from gift credit cards.

Another cause retailers adore gift credit cards is consumers can pay less focus on sales plus they tend to invest more compared to what they’ve on the actual card. Retailers observe that consumers may spend the entire amount about the card and also have a little balance associated with $2 or even $3 left onto it. Chances tend to be, shoppers won’t ever use the actual card again which works towards the retailer’s benefit.

One much more advantage in order to retailers is rather than having just the vacation rush after which being ready for vacation returns, they actually obtain a double hurry. Since customers give present cards because holiday provides, the present card holder will often rush right to the mall following the holidays to invest their credit cards. This leads to a main cut-down within returned products.

There really are a few drawbacks for merchants. Gift credit cards can price the store for 50 pennies to $3 for each card, based on how most are ordered. There’s also implementation costs as high as $50, 000. Implementation expenses cover all launch fees associated with producing as well as tracking associated with gift credit cards.

Gift Greeting card Exchanging

Lately, Internet companies have created internet sites allowing individuals to sell or even swap undesirable gift credit cards. EBay got involved with this idea and today has a lot more than 7, 500 present cards listed available or public sale. This could be a good idea should you receive a present card to some particular shop and you don’t like anything for the reason that store. You are able to exchange these types of cards upon these websites for additional cards as well as cash. Sites for example and are good sites that offer this service. On, you can even buy gift cards at a discounted rate. For example, you may be able to buy a $25 Office Depot card for $17; that is another way of saving.