If you’re a writer, web designer, entrepreneur, or other creative type, you’ve probably heard of Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. It simply means we’re always attracted to the next interesting idea that catches our eye. As a result, we have trouble maintaining focus and following through on any one project or activity. It can be difficult to complete a project, so when that happens, we tend to move on to something else. As a result, we end up with many different projects started but only a few of them are ever completed.

Monday is always a good time to consciously avoid Bright Shiny Object Syndrome so you’ll be the most productive and focused all week long. Here are 3 questions that our web design company Manchester team believe you should ask yourself any time you think you might be attracted to another new bright, shiny object:

  1. Will this new project or activity move me closer to achieving one or more of my major goals (Note: Try to create just 3 major goals for the year)?
  2. Will this new project or activity distract me from other activities that WILL move me closer to achieving one or more of my 3 major goals?
  3. Is NOW the best time to take on this new project or activity or could this be implemented at a later time more effectively once other projects that have been started have been completed?

Instead of chasing every brilliant idea that pops into your head, figure out what you want to be known for and be that. Focus on what your core business is about and put your effort there. When you do this, you minimize the chance of becoming overwhelmed and maximize the possibility of seeing your idea through.

Remember–at all times, you want to stay focused on activities that will take you closer to achieving one or more of your 3 major goals. Your answers to the above questions will help you avoid Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and remain focused on what is MOST important to your business.