Healthcare Video Marketing Strategies & Tips

Healthcare Video Marketing Strategies & Tips

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Online video is becoming one of the most common forms of entertainment in the world, and the stats show it. 55% of people watch online videos daily, according to HubSpot, and 81% of businesses are now using video as a marketing tool.

Knowing this, you may want to use video marketing for your healthcare business, hospital, or medical practice. In this article, you’ll learn about the basics of video marketing strategy and how you can use video marketing for your business or practice.

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Video Marketing Ideas & Tips for Video Marketing Strategy

Each video should serve a purpose.

When creating videos for healthcare video marketing, it’s not useful to simply create video content thinking that it will generate views. Many companies have little experience with creating their own video and may not have the expertise necessary to create excellent video content.

If you’re going to start creating healthcare videos, each video needs its own purpose. Your videos need to do one of these three things for your prospect.


Entertaining content is the bulk of the content that people watch on the Internet. By creating entertaining content, you are able to reach a lot of people and make an impact on those who may not be in your target market. This allows your brand to spread and can get your practice some much needed attention.

Don’t think medical videos can be entertaining? Think again. Dr. Pimple Popper and Dr. Beau Hightower have created followings by simply showing what they do. Although their videos may seem niche, they’ve cultivated a large following.

Inform or Educate

The first thing most practice owners think of when it comes to video marketing is informational or educational content, which can be highly valuable for patients.

Informational or educational videos can be more directed toward your target market, and can be useful for positioning yourself as an authority on a specific subject. If you own a bariatric clinic, for example, you may want to use your knowledge on bariatric surgery to help people with weight loss by creating videos on the subject.


Persuasive video usually comes in the form of marketing material. For example, you might do a video with past patients who give their testimonial about their experience, and this video can serve to persuade people to come to your practice. Or, you can talk about a particular procedure and how your practice performs it using the latest technology and the most highly skilled surgeons.

Your videos should be of higher quality than what’s currently out there.

Because so many people are watching online video, video creators have taken notice. As a result, there is so much video content on the Internet that it cannot all be watched in one lifetime: not even close. As a result, your videos need to stand out from the crowd.

Higher quality doesn’t just refer to a professional look. Quality video is subjective, and the only way to find out if your content is quality is to put it out there, get people to watch it, and gauge their response.

Videos should be produced and released on a schedule.

As a video creator, one of the worst things you can do is produce content on an inconsistent basis.

We don’t recommend making videos to be posted every day, but you can figure out a schedule that works for you and your staff. Your videos must balance quality with quantity. Even if you think that there’s nothing more to say, you will be able to find more topics and more subjects to tackle in your video content so long as you make generating video marketing ideas a priority within your practice.

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