Begus Insurance Group Protects The Financial Needs Of Their Policy Holders Through Three Plans

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The importance of holding a life insurance policy is often overlooked. Any person who has someone else finally dependant on them requires an insurance policy. Unfortunate events cause financial distress in families. Insurance coverage benefits the policy holder’s family and legal heirs. It is a compelling financial tool everyone should consider investing in.

Statistics reveal that several people over 45 don’t hold an insurance policy. A person’s insurance needs are dictated by their family’s financial situation, health condition, and age. Begus Insurance Group offers insurance plans that help to meet the financial needs of policyholders.

Insurance plans offered:

Term Life insurance offers coverage to policyholders, who die within a specific term say for instance 80 years. No benefit would be paid back to the policyholder if the term expires. However, the plan is ideal for young people looking for affordable insurance plans since this one doesn’t have any cash value.


Their Final Expense Insurance doesn’t come with an expiry date. It is meant to cover the funeral expenses of the policyholder and mitigates the financial burden of the policyholder’s family. The total cost of a funeral can go up to $12,000 and the payout can be extremely helpful for the insurance holder’s family members.

Begus Insurance team doesn’t require any maximum age limit to apply for the policy plan. Applicants don’t have to go through medical examination generally unless they are suffering from an already-existing severe medical condition. They offer the choice between annual and monthly premium payments.

Their Medicare supplement plan is meant to cover costs that aren’t covered by Medicare policy. It is a private insurance policy that comes in handy to cover costs like copayments, deductibles and coinsurance. The experienced team from Begus helps individual to choose an ideal plan suitable to their needs.

Dwight Lee from the team says, ‘I take pride in the fact that our approach is not one of the high-pressure sales. Instead, we assist you to know the products available to help lessen the concerns you have with respect to your loved one and family’s financial constancy, all within your budget’

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They generally recommend Burial Insurance over Term Life Insurance because of its perks. It is a simple whole life policy that passes the benefits to the family of the policyholder after their demise. After the policy holder’s death, the team pays the payout amount as cold hard cash to the beneficiary and it is up to them to use it for any bill payments henceforth.

If there is leftover money after paying off for the funeral arrangements, the money can be used for any purpose. This plan is like a financial legacy left over by the policyholder and to date has proved helpful to several families. Their plans help individuals protect their families financially even after their death.

About Begus Insurance

They are one of the leading insurance firms offering the best insurance plans at affordable prices. Their experienced team would evaluate every applicant’s financial strength before recommending suitable insurance plans for them.

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Dwight Lee
Begus Insurance Group
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