Excellent Maintenance Tips for Laundry Machines  

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Creating and managing successful laundry business operations means investing in the best commercial laundry machines. Commercial laundry machines would take up one of the biggest chunks of your capital and are the most used among your customers. That’s why it’s crucial to care and maintain for it well to ensure peak performance throughout its lifespan.


Here are basic and effective maintenance tips to keep your business’ laundry machines up and running.


  1. Read the manual


This is a basic yet crucial step that a lot of laundry business owners would usually skip. The owner’s manual will have valuable information regarding the laundry machine’s utility requirements, the cleaning products to use, and the frequency of maintenance tasks.


Take your time reading through the manual to understand your laundry machine and how to maintain it well. For instance, Alliance manuals will show you where to get alliance laundry parts and how to use them for repair and maintenance needs!

  1. Cleaning up

You will need to keep the interior and exterior of your laundry machines clean! The first step is to clean its exterior.

Through wiping down the exterior and removing dust, it will improve your laundry business’ look while preventing line and dust from getting inside the machine, causing any damage. It will also prevent any leftover detergent or soap from corroding, which can also damage machines.

Clean the soap dispenser well, as soap, boosters, and detergents tend to gum up dispensers. Do this by soaking them in water and cleaning them up, which prevents corrosive damage and major clogs that may require you to replace the laundry parts (which you can find from Laundry Replacement Parts).

Also, do clean out and/or replace the water filter inlet screens, which would experience blockage over time. This would prevent optimum water flow to the laundry machine.

  1. Check the laundry parts

You will need to inspect your laundry machine’s parts regularly to ensure that they are running in optimum condition. This can also help you detect any issues that you can address early on before they worsen.

Check the following parts closely

  • Inlet and outlet hoses, which can experience sediment buildup and leaks
  • Belts from the motor and machine drums, which require replacement twice a year
  • Seals around the washer doors which may be leaking
  • Gaskets between the doors and drums to maintain a watertight seal
  1. Watch out for any lint

Customers might not clean out lint filters on dryers between their loads. Make sure that you check it after use to prevent overheating or any potential fires from happening.

If you see any lint or debris from the exhaust duct, remove them immediately and perform this check at least once a month.

It is also worth keeping the washer doors open whenever possible, which helps with the air circulation to dry out the machines well.

Wrapping It Up

Follow these maintenance tips for your commercial laundry machines to operate successfully, improving customer satisfaction while reducing unnecessary repair expenses!

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