Comprehensive Information On Purchasing Domestic Travel Insurance That You Should Be Aware Of 

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Are you an avid traveller exploring and appreciating the landscapes of India? Are you a business traveller visiting major cities in India? If yes, have you purchased a domestic travel insurance plan before you embark on your journey?

While many of us consider purchasing travel insurance policies only for our international trips to seek protection during unforeseen events, ensuring such coverage for travel within India is equally crucial.

The same kind of unforeseen situations can take a toll and increase your financial burden unexpectedly at any place when you are on a travel plan. With the advancement in technology, you can purchase travel insurance online and access its benefits anytime.

Furthermore, with the increasing number of options, you can compare travel insurance and purchase a suitable policy based on your needs.

So, here is comprehensive information on purchasing travel insurance for domestic travel that you should be aware of!

 What Is A Domestic Travel Insurance Plan? 

A domestic travel insurance policy is a type of travel insurance policy that provides financial coverage and protection when you are travelling to a destination anywhere within India. 

Many of us feel that a travel insurance policy for a domestic trip is not necessary. However, it covers wide-ranging unforeseen events and expenses that might incur during your domestic travel.

 What Does A Domestic Travel Insurance Policy Cover?  

  • Medical emergencies – If you have fallen sick due to an illness or an injury during your trip, the travel insurance for domestic travel can pay for the medical and hospitalisation expenses, handle medical evacuation to the nearest hospital, or even get you back to your hometown for the necessary medical treatment at the comfort of being with your family. 

Some creditable insurance providers such as Tata AIG even offer the cash benefit to managing the per day hospitalisation costs in case of an accident or an injury.

    • Delayed trips – If your trip is delayed for a reason covered in the policy, you can get financial coverage for the additional cost of accommodation required.
    • AccidentsA domestic travel medical insurance plan can pay for the emergency hospitalisation expenses if you have met with an accident.
  • Accidental Death And Repatriation – Your nominee will be paid the entire sum insured if an accident to you leads to a fatal situation. The insurer can also cover the cost of repatriating the remains to your place of residence.
  • Personal liabilities – If you happen to be involved in an accident that has harmed a third-party property or person, domestic trip insurance can cover the damages and expenses. 

 Benefits of Purchasing Domestic Travel Insurance 

  • Financial protection – A domestic travel insurance plan protects against different unforeseen events and helps reduce your financial burden.
  • Increasing medical cost – The cost of handling medical emergencies and further treatment has constantly increased. Therefore, domestic travel insurance financial coverage for your trip can help you manage such medical emergencies to a considerable extent.
  • Peace of mind – When you are financially covered for some of the significant uncertainties, you can travel to your destination with peace of mind looking forward to the purpose of the trip entirely.
  • 24/7 assistance – You can get the required assistance for any queries regarding your travel insurance policy coverage 24/7, making it highly convenient for further actions.
  • Flexibility – You can customise the travel insurance plan based on your travel needs and preferences.
  • Multi-trip annual plans – You can purchase the multi-trip annual plans if you are a frequent traveller to avoid purchasing the domestic travel insurance policy every time you plan a trip.

 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Domestic Travel Insurance Policy  

    • Analyse your requirements – Determine the travel insurance coverage required based on the location, travel dates, persons accompanying you, pre-existing medical conditions, etc., specific to your needs and preferences.
    • Determine the risk factors – Research the destination and determine if you are prone to any risks.
    • Know the inclusions and exclusions – Read through the travel insurance policy document for the detailed inclusions and exclusions to make a valid travel insurance claim request when you are in extreme need of financial support.
    • Compare travel insurance policies – The insurance providers in India offer domestic travel insurance policy options with varied benefits and features. Therefore, you must compare the policy options to choose a suitable product based on your needs and affordability.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio – Determine the reliability of the insurance provider based on their claim settlement ratio and customer reviews. 

 How Can You Purchase Domestic Travel Insurance?  

You can purchase the domestic travel insurance plan online or offline based on your convenience.


  1. Visit the official website of the travel insurance provider.
  2. Provide your personal details.
  3. Provide the destination and trip date details.
  4. Get the premium quote.
  5. Make the premium payment online.


You can visit the nearest branch office of the travel insurance provider, fill out the proposal form, and pay the applicable premium. Furthermore, you can take the help of a travel insurance agent or contact the insurer on their toll-free number for assistance in purchasing the domestic travel insurance policy.


A domestic travel insurance plan provides financial protection against unforeseen events or emergencies during travel anywhere in India. It can cover medical emergencies, trip delays, personal liabilities, etc., to reduce the financial burden to a great extent. Purchasing a domestic travel insurance policy is important, considering the financial protection required and the increasing medical costs. 

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