How to prepare for your first hair coloring appointment?

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Getting your hair colored for the first time can be nerve-wracking yet exciting. Will you love your new look or regret making such a drastic change? Preparing properly for that initial hair color appointment will help ensure you end up with stunning results you feel confident about. Decide what you want to achieve from your color appointment. Do you want to:

  • Cover grays to restore your natural shade
  • Go darker for richer, bolder hair
  • Go lighter for a summery brightening effect
  • Add highlights and lowlights for dimension
  • Try a vibrant red, pink, or other fashion color

Choose a shade that is low-maintenance and comfortable for your lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to try something new and fun if you’re feeling adventurous!

Find reference photos

Collect photos of hair colors you love to show your stylist. Find celebrities and influencers with similar hair and complexion types. Save the pictures on your phone to easily access them at your appointment. Let your stylist know if you are married to a certain photo to copy or just use it for inspiration. Giving your colorist visual examples helps you both get on the same page. Ask your stylist to perform a pre-color strand test on a small section of hair. Your hair will react to this color. Also indicates compromised strands.

Book a consultation

hair salon in fort lauderdale offers free consultations before your first coloring service. This gives you and the stylist time to discuss:

  • The condition of your hair and your color history
  • Your desired maintenance level and stylist availability for touch-ups
  • The realistic possibilities for your hair type and skin tone
  • Potential risks like damage or allergic reactions

Research your stylist

You want an experienced colorist who specializes in the service you desire. Find reviews online, before and after photos, and Instagram examples. Ask friends for recommendations of talented hair colorists. Afraid of deals that seem too good. Paying more for a highly-rated pro is worth it to avoid a hair disaster. Opt for a stylist with a light hand who listens to your wants and cautions about the realities.

Adjust your hair care routine 

Colored hair needs extra moisture and protection to stay vibrant. Switch your regular products to color-safe, sulfate-free versions. Use reparative hair masks and oils to condition damaged sections. Wash less frequently in cool water to preserve your new hue. Invest in a shower filter if you have hard water, which causes fading. Sleep on a satin pillowcase to avoid dryness and friction. Use leave-in treatments with UV protection before heat styling. Handle wet hair gently and let air dry when possible. Schedule a follow-up visit 2-4 weeks after your initial color service. Your stylist fine-tuned the color if needed to achieve your ideal results. This also allows them to diagnose dryness or scalp sensitivity. You want your new shade to start perfect so it stays looking beautiful month after month. Don’t be shy about asking for tweaks at your follow-up visit until you love your hair.

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