How to Choose the Right Equipment for Your Network

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The equipment and tools deployed in network maintenance and support are integral parts of the IT architecture of your business. They determine the quality and efficiency of tech upgrades like tightening cybersecurity through software and hardware updates. Meaning, it doesn’t matter whether you opt for in-house or third party maintenance. What matters is identifying what works and what doesn’t and then choosing the right equipment. Therefore, you should identify equipment that streamlines your network’s IT architecture and improve your business operations. 

But is it easy to choose the right equipment? The simple answer is no but that’s where seeking help from IT management professionals like those in comes in. Even then,  how do you choose the ideal equipment for your network? 

Identify the Equipment Your Network needs

Here, you decide on the equipment to integrate into your business IT network. Do you want anti-malware tools to identify, block and remove malicious software? Or do you want intrusion detection and prevention tools to scan your network traffic to establish a shield against attacks?  The thing is, you need to include equipment in your network that is needed in your business. Therefore, check what you’re missing in your network infrastructure. Define the exact qualities and features the equipment must have to fit your needs seamlessly. Once you know this, you’ll have enough information you can start your product research in the industry or market.

Research on the Equipment You’ve Identified

By this point, you know the exact tool you’re looking for (e.g. firewall tools, Network Access Control Products, or any other equipment). In this step, pick out several brands that meet your needs to create a list. Then, do some research on the brands while ruling out those less appealing to remain with the best of the best on the list.  To research any brand, start by consulting with an Expert. This is because they have a better understanding and way of dealing with business networks. Be sure to look at online reviews. From the reviews, gauge customer satisfaction to identify the perfect equipment for your network. Another option would be to consult with other businesses that have used the brand you’re interested in.  While every business has specific needs, organizations in the same industry are most likely to want the same network equipment. Therefore, businesses like yours can give you clues on the tools that’ll work best for you.

Conduct a Network Audit

Next, you should conduct a comprehensive network assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities and employ improved equipment or tools. As a result, you’ll boost network performance and make it immune to compromise. This includes external and internal audits. In external audits, you use an expert’s insights to review your entire network and get unbiased feedback and recommendations on the tools best for your business network. On the other hand, internal audits are in-house assessments. Internal audits are less efficient than external because they can easily fall prey to bias or lack of perspective. 

Identifying and choosing the right equipment for your network requires knowing the exact tool you need, doing product research, and conducting thorough network audits. 


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