Five Reasons why your business needs an applicant tracking system

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It is needless to say that technologies these days are taking over the world. The advancement in technologies is bringing automation in several business operations. One business operation that needs automation the most is recruitment or hiring. Every business hunts the best talents throughout the year so that they get maximum efficiency. But sometimes, filtering a plethora of applicants becomes tedious. In this fast-paced world, sometimes the recruiters make a biased and stressed decision that affects them. In such cases, what they need the most is a Greenhouse Applicant Tracking system.

What is an applicant tracking system?

If you are new to the term, you are missing out on a great experience. The Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System is a sensational suite that is easing the recruitment process of many companies. An applicant tracking system is an application/ system that streamlines the process of hiring by arranging candidates for recruitment. Moreover, you can say this specific system is an approach to collecting the applicant data and then arranging them for your company’s recruitment needs.

The system allows businesses to streamline their search for efficient candidates by filtering their applicants in terms of talent and experience. These days, almost every company uses an applicant tracking system to find exceptional candidates for their needs—the ATS works by accumulating all the data about the candidates and storing them in the system. Then when the companies want, they can communicate with the applicant using the system. ATS keeps a record of all communication with aspirants to help you achieve an easy search. So, using ATS will help your business apply a filter to your resume search and save time in the recruitment process. If you haven’t yet integrated the ATS into your business, below are some of the reasons that will want to give it a look!

Reasons to integrate the Applicant tracking suite into your business

Customized recruitment 

It is undeniable that every business has different operations and needs. For example, the operations of a pharmacy store and a software firm are different. Yet, they are businesses, and they need employees for their operations. On the other hand, you cannot use the same approach for hiring employees of a software firm and the medical store. It is because; the candidate requirement of two different businesses is not the same. But in such cases, applicant tracking systems are the best way to find desirable candidates. The ATS is completely customizable and allows you to configure and customize the system as per your need.

Amalgamation with social media and career platform

Another great reason to have an applicant tracking system for your business is you get exposure to many other platforms to pull out applicants. The applicant tracking system has an exceptional feature that enables you to merge your suite with several social media and job search platforms. Usually, many applicants upload their resumes to these career platforms or social media platforms. The ATS can crawl over these resumes and candidate data to accumulate your needed information in such cases. This, as a result, will help you draw desirable candidates from different platforms.

Leverage your pool of skilled aspirants 

The Applicant tracking system helps the companies boost their pool of skilled applicants. They can have options to choose between the employees. One factor that helps this most is ATS being mobile-friendly. As it is mobile-friendly, the firms can boost their applicant accumulation to 40%. Using the ATS takes less than 15 minutes if you are using the mobile version. That helps the aspirants save time in applying and reduce the drop-off percentage.

Filtering of the candidates

Another significance of using the applicant tracking system is that it allows your business to filter the candidates according to your needs. Sometimes your business may get flooded with more applicants applying for the same job. In such cases, it increases the workload of the HR team in filtering the candidates as per the skill set and company requirements. But using ATS helps you eliminate all these problems. It exceptionally reduces the workload by setting a minimum requirement for applying to the job. It may be anything that includes work experience, skillset, and many more.

Accumulation of all candidate data in a single place

The offline recruitment process leaves the companies exhausted. Half of their storage gets filled with candidate resumes and documents, but Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System helps you save your space from being over flooded. The ATS stores all the candidate data digitally on one platform. Further, when you hire any job aspirants, all the information gets directly merged with the HR system of your firm.


These are the top reasons why you need an applicant tracking system. Now that you know the perks of blending ATS into your business, you should immediately integrate the ATS into your HR system now.

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