How to Setup Payroll for Small Business 

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You need to understand that setting up a Payroll system can be a daunting task. By missing one step, you will have to cater to penalties and fines imposed on you. To avoid being in such a situation, here are a few steps that you should factor in when setting up a Payroll for your small business.

• Acquire an Employer Identification Number
Obtaining the EIN is the first thing you should do before starting your small business. Using this number, you can report to the Internal Revenue Service about other significant documents. Also, note that state government agencies will need you to have the EIN when submitting information about your staff. You can choose to apply for the Employer Identification Number via the internet or directly contact the IRS. It would be best to consider filling an online application as the process is fast and more accessible.

• Assess the Employment Laws
Note that you have to comply with state and federal laws when setting up your Payroll. Since the laws in different states differ, you should better understand what your region demands from employers. Among the employment laws you should focus on include; minimum wages, tax payment deadlines, overtime limits, and the Family and Medical Leave Act. It would, therefore, be best that you get to research to understand the laws governed by hour state to know which are critical to apply in your setting up.

• Maximize on a Payroll Software
Technological advancement has made it easy to set up a Payroll without doing all the tasks manually. The process involves utilizing software during the setting up process. With the cloud-based system, your business will be up-to-date regarding the reports and rules to be followed. If you are not aware of handling the software, you can inquire from your accountant or outsource Payroll Services.

• Set a Schedule
It will help if you consider your cash inflow to determine the time you should pay your employees. If the calendar is not suitable for a particular time of the year, you can consider altering it. However, you should avoid modifying the schedule regularly as it is against the law. When setting up your schedule, you need to check your region’s rule state about the latest time they can pay employees.

• Determine Who Will be In Charge of the Process
As a business owner, you might want to handle all the processes independently as it helps you save your budget. However, if you have minimal understanding of what is needed by the state, your business will be affected. Therefore, hiring Payroll Services as the providers focus on all matters from filing tax returns and payments. However, if you lack enough funds to rely on an expert, you can maximize the available platforms with your accountant’s assistance.

By following the mentioned steps above, you will be sure to comply with the federal and state laws issued out to business owners. If you do not understand any rule, ensure to research or inquire from your attorney before taking any step. 

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