How to Use your Fridge more effectively?

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Fridges are an essential part of our lives, and these appliances are something that not a single kitchen can go without. We often do not use this equipment to its full potential.

We do not use this more efficiently, resulting in improper food storage and a decrease in their lifespan. Wasting food is similar to wasting life.

Here we have come up with some top tips and strategies to use your refrigerator more effectively.

Should keep used food in front

Opened foods and other items that are almost going to expire in a few days should be kept at the front of the shelves. One must preserve them in front of newer items. It is beneficial as you will be automatically using the old food items first and newer ones second. It acts as a visual reminder and is an excellent tip to keep your refrigerator working more efficiently.


Most of us certainly don’t know that fruits and vegetables belong to the bottom drawers. It is necessary to keep these drawers separate from other types of food and ensure that they are adequately wrapped with paper towels and paper bags.

Maintaining proper space

Overstocking your refrigerator with more than required items is not appropriate. It interrupts the circulation of air in your refrigerator. Keeping your refrigerator more spacious and empty without irrelevant products maintains a balance and protects from uneven temperatures circulating.

Temperature Control

Even minimal temperature changes have a significant impact on the shelf life of your food. For example, milk is best stored at 4 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to keep your refrigerator below 5 degrees to keep your food cool, fresh, and with incredible flavour.

Raw Food

One must keep raw meat, fish, and other non-vegetarian products at the bottom of the refrigerator where temperatures are lowest. It helps to stop them from contaminating the rest of your food as they are highly perishable. It is required to keep them properly sealed and free from leaks.


Non-perishable foods such as condiments, spices respond best to fluctuations in temperature. Always put them in your refrigerator’s doors. They will get the effect of any temperature changes when the door opens or closes without any difference in texture or taste.

Ready to consume foods

Cooked meats, dairy products, ready meals, and foods that are prepared beforehand should be stored on the bottom shelf. Why? Because these shelves have the lowest temperature. It is advised to keep packaged processed foods, drinks and other less perishable foods at middle or top shelves where the temperature is steady.

Note: Always store the food in airtight containers.

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