How UV-C Units Can Bring Safety and Efficiency to Your Operations

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UV sanitation light systems by R-Zero are widely being adopted as it has proven to be safe and effective. As a form of nature’s antiseptic, UV-C systems can remove any contaminant in the air thus preventing the growth or development of mold. But how does UV light improve safety and efficiency in any business setting? Keep reading to learn more.

Effective Germs Cleaning

There are many risks that come with using chemicals for cleaning surfaces. These include health threats, and non-guaranteed germs elimination. With such chemicals, the target area has to remain damp for the chemicals to be effective, and oftentimes, the chemicals do more harm than good. However, that is not the case with UVC disinfection; it kills germs at the target area fast and effectively. The light destroys pathogens’ DNA in a way that the germs cannot reproduce. The UVC light also guarantees 100% disinfection for every surface it touches. Fortunately, UVC light units don’t require any human supervision when cleaning. Once a room has been vacated, the system will start disinfecting the rooms. This means that your employees are safe as they are unlikely to come into contact with the radiation.

Cleaning of HVAC Systems

The traditional forms of air cleaning systems such as HVAC are prone to have reduced efficiency as they become clogged with biological growth. This means the air in a room contains contaminants and even dust particles. With the current pandemic, it’s important to ensure that you implement effective disinfection systems to reduce the spread of the virus, more so in the workplace. This is where technologies such as UV-C come in; it has been tested and proven to be safe and effective in pathogens control. In places where the HVAC is not at its best, UV light can be used to clean the systems. It’ll remove any biological growth from HVAC coils and restore them to their initial working state. This helps provide clean air in your facility. This ensures employees have a safe working environment allowing them to focus on their work with fewer health concerns.

Use of Upper-room UV-C systems

These UVC systems are intended to focus UV-C light in the top areas of any room, therefore inactivating airborne infectious pathogens getting to the lighted zone. Also, the lower parts of the room remain somewhat UVC-free, thus reducing exposure to anyone in the room. Here, inactivation means the infectious agents lose the capability to reproduce and form colonies. And this ensures your facility remains healthy for employees and customers. The fixture works for areas with a threat of infectious diseases and this includes surgical suites and areas with high human activity like customer waiting areas. These systems use UV light in the germicidal 254-nm C-band wavelength to eliminate all known microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens in less than a second. The upper-room systems are effective in fighting against airborne bacteria and viruses.

UV-C is the most cost-effective and efficient means to kill germs in any space. It ensures the workplace is safe thus allowing your business to run as intended as it cleans the air.



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