Shot Blasting V/s Sand Blasting, That is more more suitable?

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Shot Basting & Sand Blasting are usually surface cleaning methods. However, both of these processes their own processes and merits. Let’s uncover first some factor about these two methods…

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Sand blasting may be used having a couple of industries this is a typical surface treatment. This method uses abrasive materials for clearing the very best. These abrasive materials generally will be the steel shot, steel grit, sand in addition to walnut covering etc. which are faster employing a blasting nozzle via compressed air and to the most effective itself.

Sandblasting enables you to definitely remove a many kind of blemishes inside the surface for instance:

? Removal of paint, rust as well as other pollutants

? Shaping small parts that have small burrs or irregularities

? Clean roads, pathways as well as other concrete surfaces.


? Sandblasting is known as the fastest and a powerful way to removing paint inside the surface.

? Sandblasting is furthermore most likely probably most likely probably the most convenient combined with the most cost-effective method of using contaminants for instance rust.

? Generally, a metallic surface should retain the surface profiled so the subsequent coating is applicable. Sand blasting machine can do this to satisfy your needs.

? Also, sandblasting has a number of uses compared to other techniques meaning technology-not only on rust, paint, graffiti and stains on wood etc.

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? Sand is used to be the material for sandblasting that creates injuries for the body you will find quantity of other less harmful substances you should utilize in sand blasting machine for instance coconut covering, walnut covering, & copper slag etc.


Shot blasting may be used only in industries specific metals for instance aerospace industry, automotive industry & construction etc. It’s utilized just as one identical method of sandblasting, by rapidly impacting a surface with abrasive materials like steel shots chilled iron grit and steel grit. However, the procedure uses turbine which turns quickly and separates the material.


? Shot blasting eliminates using non-eco-friendly and harsh chemicals while using the process i.e. plastic dust.

? Shot blasting offers greater production rates a wider abrasive selection and blast pattern precision than other spraying methods.

? The finished surface is missing of chemical deposits scales and dirt content, meaning it doesn’t get rid of the initial metal when removing scales initially glance.

? Shot blasting has the capacity to form a bond concerning the protective coat on surface for instance zinc paint or epoxy combined with the shot blasted surface.

? Ascorbic acid likewise helps to understand any surface problems or defects.

? Shot blasting increases the durability and sturdiness inside the protective surface jackets since the coat adheres simpler for that cleaned and scale free surface.

Which blasting strategy is better?

Both sand and shot blasting may be used mechanical cleaning of surfaces. But both vary inside the working principle. Sand Blasting uses compressed air to blast sand/abrasive at work. This combination is propelled via nozzle or guns at high velocity. Generally, it’s placed on remove debris, mild stains, rust, old paints and job before painting/coating.

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