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When planning to carry out Fire sprinkler installation, you must learn about the various common problems associated with indoor fire sprinklers. This will help you to catch the problem early on and save you from carrying out repairs. Installation of these sprinkler systems can be a costly affair. You should ensure that they are well taken care of. Regular inspection is carried out to ensure their proper functioning. We are listing down some of the common problems associated with it.

Extreme Temperatures

There are various types of sprinkler systems that are available. When you decide which one to install, many things need to be kept in mind. If you don’t have the right type of sprinkler system, then problems can arise. A wet pipe system is the most common one, in which the pipes are filled with water. If the water gets frozen in the pipes, the ice will make the pipes expand, which can cause the pipes or the fittings to break and even switch on the system. Whereas on the other hand, overheating can also cause issues and set off the sprinklers.


Proper maintenance of the systems is crucial. Otherwise, it can cause the pipes, fittings, and heads to corrode and rust over time. Corrosion can pave the way to future problems like leaking heads, damaged pipes, and system failure. Leaking of the sprinkler system can be an inconvenience to those inside the system. Make sure that the designs are cared for properly.

Any kinds of defect or damage

A tiny defect in one component of the system can compromise its integrity. The fault could be because of manufacturing or because there is some faulting construction in the building. If the wall or the ceiling has undergone renovation recently, it could have damaged the sprinkler system. If the sprinkler system was not installed properly, then any component can come loose and become detached from the system. The heads could also be knocked off, which is a common problem when the building is undergoing renovation. The sprinkler heads being damaged due to vandalism is not uncommon.

Problems in installation

When installing a sprinkler system, make sure you reach out to the best of the best. Otherwise, the use of cheap tools and inexperienced installers can severely impact the installation process. A system that hasn’t been installed correctly is of not much help. It might not work at all, and even if it does, it won’t function in the way it is supposed to. Improper installation can also cause the sprinkler system to be activated accidentally and not be activated when it needs to be.

Inadequate system

The sprinkler system should be powerful enough to put out a fire, but it can become overwhelmed with fire if the system is not large. Even a sound fire sprinkler system could be under designed. If the building is large, then more pipes and heads are required.


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