People Are Getting Interested in Socially Responsible Investments

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What is socially responsible investment?

Companies have different natures of businesses. In line with that, some may be socially responsible, and some may not be. If it’s the first choice, then that company investment is considered an SRI or socially responsible investment. Other people refer to it as a social investment. If we can name one common theme for SRIs, it would be socially conscious investing. An SRI is possible through companies with good social value or socially conscious mutual funds or ETFs.

What are SRIs? They are investments that avoid companies that encourage addictive substances. For example, we have those engaged with gambling or selling addictive substances like cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, and the like. Instead, they prioritize companies that work hard to promote or attain social justice, environment healing or preservation, alternative energy or clean energy efforts, and the like. In short, SRIs aim to help people and the environment aside from being a financial investment.

Social consciousness and SRIs

What does being socially conscious or responsible mean? It means that you are aware of critical social issues. Hence, socially conscious can look for investments that suit their core value. It is comforting to know that socially conscious investing has become more and more followed. In fact, there are many new funds and investment vehicles that are made available for retail investors. Investors are exposed to massive companies from many sectors with a single investment if they are engaged with mutual funds or ETFs. But if you are an investor, you should double-check the through fund prospectuses to know the exact philosophies that the fund managers use with the potential profitability of the investments.

What is the goal?

SRIs have two goals. First is social impact, and the next is financial gain. It would be nice if these two happen simultaneously, but unfortunately, it does not always happen. What do we mean? This investment may be socially responsible, but it can always generate impressive returns. On the other hand, an investment that ensures a positive return may not always be under a socially conscious company. So, investors should always consider everything about assets, especially these two factors.

Can one be successful or profitable for investing in SRIs?

Socially responsible investments are somehow similar to the political and social climate of the period, and investors should understand what it means. Hence, if an investment depends on a social value, it will deteriorate once the social value is something investors do not prefer anymore. So, investment professionals would always consider SRIs using ESGs or environmental, social, and governance factors. ESG factors tell us about company management practices and if they consider sustainability and community improvement. Some say that this approach increases returns, and there is evidence for that. However, there is no such evidence about people who were successful in investing in social values alone.

We thank you

It is a nice thought that people are becoming more aware of global warming and climate change. It is also great thought that more and more people want to do something about it that they engage in SRIs. Many investors are now looking at companies that positively impact the environment by decreasing their emissions or looking for ways to support sustainable and clean energy sources.

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