Road safety rules you need to know about 

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Everyone thinks that they are aware of the basic road safety rules, but to be on the safer side let’s relearn the things you already know. Whether you drive your car a little or a lot, then it is time to give this article a read to find out about some important road rules. 

  • In NSW, front-seat travellers can’t utilize FaceTime. This rule still applies even if you are not driving. In NSW, you cannot take or make a video call sitting in the front seat because it distracts the driver! 
  • In TAS, drivers cannot use a mobile phone GPS at all. In Tasmania, it’s illegal to use your phone while driving, regardless of whether it’s mounted or not. Here you can try out the 90’s travelling style like using a basic map or a friend. 
  • Across Australia, you can’t stick your limbs out of vehicle windows. When you are driving, and a nice breeze is blowing, and you hang your hand outside to feel the breeze—it’s illegal! It is best to keep your hands and other extremities inside the car as it can cost you hefty fines. 
  • Across Australia, without good reason, you cannot honk your horn, and there are only two possible situations when you can honk the horn on the road. That is, when you are in traffic or you see a safety concern. 
  • In NSW, you can’t splash mud on individuals waiting for public transport by the side of the road. NSW residents best be cautious while driving close to transport stops on wet days. You can be fined up to $2,200 for splashing mud on public transport travellers.
  • Across Australia, you can’t use your headlights to caution other drivers of speed sensing cameras or police up ahead. Lay off those lights, or there can be fines and demerits. Keep in mind; speed limits are there for a reason, and they need to do their job. 
  • Across Australia, fog lights should only be used for foggy situations. Otherwise, this is very distracting for other drivers – hence it’s illegal. 
  • In WA, you can’t move over 50kg of potatoes except if you’re an individual from a potato enterprise. How would you be able to manage 50kg of potatoes? The prospects are interminable—immense potato pie, a pool of french fries, potato wedges by the pound…. 

Sorry to crush your potato dreams; it’s an offence. Only if you’ve purchased the potatoes from a retailer approved by the Potato Corporation of WA, then it won’t be an issue. Potato smuggling is considered a severe crime. Police can look through suspicious vehicles, and fines go up to $5000, alongside additional punishments up to twice the worth of the potatoes. 

These are some of the road safety rules you must remember. Just like you take your car for servicing and take up the best car insurance for safety and security. Knowing the road safety rules will ensure your own and others’ safety and security. If your family members or friends do not know these rules, it is time for you to educate them about the road safety rules. Perhaps over a big bowl of mash?


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