Is It Possible to Ship a Car Which Is Not Working?

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It is one of the common questions whether it’s possible to ship a car that is not working. It can be a valuable antique for you, but might not be working now. The car might also be damaged because of accidents, etc. but it is surely possible to ship a car that is not working. An inoperative car does not work at the time of pick up.

You can ship inoperative cars using an auto transport company to ship a car cross country. Visit Ship a Car, Inc. that provides reliable car shipping at affordable rates. Further, all the agents are just a phone call away and they provide doorstep delivery. There is no such upfront deposit, and all things are taken care of by professionals.

Non-working cars are those which are not even safe to drive and don’t work. The shipping of one of these cars is different from the working ones. However, there are some extra steps to be taken care of while shipping.

Things to keep in mind while shipping a non-running car

Benefits of Hiring Auto Transportation Services

·       Do your research thoroughly

Whatever car you are shipping, make sure that you are getting the best deals for it. For that, you must know properly all the best auto transport companies. Some have hidden charges that you come to know later. The customer service should be friendly to help customers in all ways.

·       Contacting with the company

After finding the desired company, next comes talking with the representative. Not all companies will have the equipment you are looking for. So, check whether the company will be dealing with all kinds of services or not.

·       Compare the prices

Most of the auto companies provide online price quotes. Check whether it matches your needs and budget or not. Online forms help you in filling in the information accurately. The forms also give quotes for shipping non-running cars.

Do non-running cars affect the rates of auto companies?

While transporting non-running cars, the rates will be higher. All the equipment has to be shipped safely. In case of any part missing, you will contact the company directly. The model of cars also matters in this case. More efforts are needed to ship non-running cars.

Ways to ship non-working cars

·       Open auto transport

The car is loaded directly to the top with the winch. There are two types of winches. One is manual while the other is hand-cranked. However, in open transport, the car is not protected from any physical barriers.

·       Enclosed transport

In this part, you transport in an enclosed carrier using the liftgate. The liftgates limit movement when loading goes on. Likewise, but it protects the cars from all the physical road elements.

Distance is yet another factor while calculating the price. The longer the distance, the higher the prices will be.


While shipping, you must consider the route through which you will be shipping. Large cities have easy carriers, not found in the smaller ones. It is possible to ship non-working, but you have to know the deal well.

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