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There are various methods of shipping. Each business has its own shipping requirement. Less than Truckload or LTL Freight Canada is one of the most convenient ways of shipping your cargo. This mode of shipping allows the transportation of goods that weigh between 150 to 30,000 lbs. It is an ideal option when you don’t have a full truckload worth of cargo. LTL is a cost-effective and efficient way of shipping. As each business has its own shipping requirements, how do you know whether LTL would be the right option for you? We are here to help you understand what Less than truckload shipping is. This will equip you with the knowledge required to make an informed decision.

What is LTL Shipping?

LTL or Less than truckload freight is the perfect option when you have a smaller shipment or don’t have enough shipment to take up the space of an entire trailer. Hence, it is known as less than truckload because all the space in the truck is not occupied. In this type of shipping, you only have to pay for the space that your freight is occupying. The remaining space that is taken up by the other shipment will be paid for by them.

Why should you consider LTL?

Following are some of the reasons to consider LTL shipping.

  1. Cheaper option: As you will only be paying for the space that the shipping is occupying, it turns out to be a cheaper option. The remaining space will be paid for by the other businesses occupying that space.
  2. Tracking the shipment: When shipping the package, it is always best to know about its status. The LTL freight shipments can be easily tracked. The pickup date range, shipment reference number, bill of landing number, PO number and PRO number and other essential details will be shared.
  3. An ideal choice for small businesses: While running a small business, there are fewer goods to ship. The finances also need to be kept in mind when shipping the goods. In that manner, LTL turns out to be a great choice.
  4. Increased Safety: As smaller packages are shipped through LTL, they are placed in crates. This works to provide your package with a more secure method of transportation.

When should you consider LTL?

Often owners find themselves confused about whether they should parcel their shipment or opt for LTL. LTL mode of transportation should be considered when the cargo weighs more than 150 pounds. However, if you are still confused it is always best to reach out to the expert.

Reach out to the experts

When it comes to shipping, it is natural to have questions and doubts. It is best to have all these cleared away by the experts. They will take into account the needs of your business and recommend shipping options based on that. Having an expert guide can enable you to make an informed decision. A decision that you are confident about.


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