Bobcat or Excavator – The benefits of both

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When you’re in need of an earthmoving machine for your next project, two of the most obvious choices are – bobcat and excavator. Both are versatile and handy in terms of efficiency and productivity. Both deliver the power and mobility that is required on construction projects. But when you’re tight in budget you can only afford to pick one for your need. Anyhow let’s see how two of them can come handy in your next project. 


Bobcat is actually the name of an American-based manufacturing company of farm and construction machinery. They’re well renowned for their skid-steer and hence named bobcat. A skid-steer is versatile equipment that has the ability to pull, push, and lift materials. With its unique maneuverability and light front loader; it is ideally used for construction and landscaping projects. It has a rigid frame that means for turning the machine, the operator just use different speeds for both side wheels and this create a skidding maneuver, hence named skid-steer. 

In a typical arrangement, a skid-steer has a bucket that is attached at the frond and can be used to move or lift heavy materials. You can undertake variety of tasks by hiring a skid-steer i.e. from landscaping to excavation and from trenching or digging to clearing snow. Bobcats are available in three different sizes smaller, medium, and large skid steer. You need to pick the right type of bobcat depending on the job at hand and the scope of work. 

Bobcat is widely used because of its smaller size as compared with front loader and it can easily move in confined and tight spaces. Because of enhanced maneuverability, it won’t need any large turning space. Due to its small size it can also be towed and transported across construction sites. 

You can also use different types of attachments for specific construction jobs. You can replace a standard metal bucket with metal forks, trencher, ripper, snow blower, and a backhoe.  


Excavator is traditional excavation heavy machinery used in construction and infrastructure development projects. Unlike a bobcat, an excavator is larger in size and has got more power for extensive construction projects. Featuring an arm boom and a bucket; excavator hire is ideal for all sorts of construction projects. 

They can work in building, infrastructure, irrigation, road work, highways, utilities, and other maintenance works. Excavator come in two different configurations, a crawler or chain mounted and wheel mounted. You can find crawler style excavator hire prices here.

If you’re looking to work in rough terrains with uneven ground conditions, you have to go with a chain mounted excavator. But they are slow and are not recommended on metallic roads as they can damage the highway. A tire mounted arrangement is ideal in such conditions where mobility is required and you need to undertake different jobs at different locations. 

 Now you see how bobcat and excavators are a working horse in construction projects. Now it’s your turn to pick one for your project. But be sure to know the scope or work as well as the site situation. 

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