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Multiple types of equipment are used in an industrial setup, and a forklift is one of the most essential ones. A properly working forklift can increase productivity drastically. The batter impacts the working of the forklift. It is the battery that helps to determine how much downtime there would be. Forklift batteries are one of the most significant Industrial Batteries. If you have a forklift, you must understand the basics of the battery. This is because the battery has a great impact on the life and efficiency of the forklift. We are here to help you understand what it is.

What is a forklift battery?

A forklift battery has a battery case. This case houses the individual cells, battery bars and cables. Each cell in itself is self-contained. It consists of small and individual batteries alongside a set of lead plates. Each of the plates is filled with sulfuric acid. The cell is packed together tightly. The batter bars are used to link all the individual cells together. This helps in the creation of the complete circuit. The battery cables work to carry the amperage generated by the battery.

Can a used battery sufficiently power a forklift?

Yes, a used battery can sufficiently power the forklift. The used batteries have to undergo a very harsh testing and maintenance process before they are put up for sale. During the restoration process, the battery is equalized, cleaned and refiled. This helps to ensure that the battery will perform to its greatest capacities.

Is it possible to rent a charger and a battery?

Purchasing a forklift battery can be a costly affair. Especially when you don’t use a forklift throughout the year, it makes no sense in buying one. You can rent the charger and the batteries. They can be rented together or separately. The rent is dependent on the specifications of the battery you are planning to rent.

What is a forklift charger?

A forklift charger is a mechanical device that safely removes and installs the forklift batteries. They usually weigh between 800 pounds to 4000 pounds. The weight of the charger determines the type. One type of charger is movable as it operates with wheels. The heaviest charger is fixed, so the forklift needs to be driven o them for charging.

What is a battery water monitor?

This monitor helps to keep a check on the battery’s electrolyte (Water) level. When there is a need for water, it alerts you. This is essential as it helps in the prevention of electrolyte boil-over. The boilover can be caused because of too much watering or too little watering.

What is a battery monitoring device?

This device provides information about the condition of the battery. It gives information like the battery charge levels, temperature, charge state. Maintenance alerts, undersized battery alerts, battery weight, overchargers and temperature control. This device helps to understand how well or poor the condition of the battery is.

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