Comparing sit stand desks: Things to consider

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You have finally decided to get a standing desk – Congratulations. More professionals are keen on using standing desks, also called sit stand desks, which can be a boon for better work. Many studies have reported that sitting for long hours can be detrimental to spinal health and is linked to obesity and weight gain. Just by standing for an hour or two, you can feel more productive and burn more calories. Choosing between sit stand desks can feel overwhelming, which is why we have a few suggestions for comparing the options. 

Start with the type

There are different categories of standing desks. The basic one is a manual standing desk, which is cheap but must be adjusted manually, which can be a bummer because you would lose productive time during office hours. A better alternative is an electric standing desk, which is motorized and often has advanced features (more on that later). 

Check the height range

You should have no issues in switching between sitting and standing using a standing desk, for which the height range is an important factor. Check if the height range is enough for your use and others, especially if you are buying one for the office. 

Adjustment ease

Is the standing desk easy to adjust? This is an important question because you would want the whole mechanics to work in your favor when you work. Check if the product makes a lot of noise and how swiftly you can get the desk to another position. 


With standing desks that are purchased online, installation is an important factor, although for most models, you wouldn’t need professional assistance. However, do check if the product can be assembled easily. 

Added features

Another pointer that matters is the range of features. Electric standing desks are absolutely easy to use, with features like touch panel, reminders, and preset menus. The cost of a desk also is determined by other things, such as what’s included in the box. For many electric desks, you may not have the tabletop included, which allows you to pick the size you want, but at the same time, that can add to the eventual cost. 


Like we mentioned, the cost of standing desks depends on the features and mechanics. Expect to pay a decent amount for desks that have electric components, panels and more adjustment range, although spending a tad more on a desk that is perfect for your job is never a bad idea. 

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